Monday, February 29, 2016

Take the slow train

Last weekend I took  the sleeper from Sydney to Melbourne, a slow and gentle journey. I had been in Sydney for three days at a conference, and it seemed too good an opportunity for this West Australian, to visit my family in Victoria. By going by train overnight I saved the cost of the hotel room. 

Do you love train travel? It is so much nicer than car or plane.

The staff on the train were helpful and polite. I slept quite well, as my bed was rocked gently by the movement of the train. I did wake up briefly at one point to watch the blue and silver night time trees slide by my window.

In the morning I had great fun using the fluffy towel and showering in a in a tiny moving cubicle!.

I hadn't expected it but they brought breakfast- toast and coffee and muesli.

Afterwards I met a friend in Melbourne for coffee and then joined another country train rolling through Victoria's midlands.  Three hours with a good book so it was most pleasant. A great way to spend a Saturday morning.

Of course it is even better because at the end of this journey were my son and daughter in law and little grandchildren.

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Jo said...

I love train travel - so much more relaxing than road or air. I had no idea there were still sleeper trains running in Australia (other than the Ghan and the one to WA), so am rather jealous. Might check it out when I do the obligatory trip to aging relatives later this year as it looks rather nice!