Monday, February 22, 2016

Tea and sewing

I was reminded recently about herbal teas that we can make at home. For some reason I had fallen out of the habit, so I got some lemongrass from the garden and teamed it with ginger. I had forgotten how good this is! Must try some other blends - I believe that parsley and rosemary is good too.

My new quilt hangers are getting filled up. This one doesn't fit but I quite like it casually folded over the rod. Until I make a new quilt!

This pumpkin and prune cake was a real winner. Moist and not too sweet. I must make it more often. The recipe was in one of those church recipe books people do as fundraisers, from the Augusta Anglican Church in WA. 

So nice to have a quiet weekend. This week I am off travelling for work and pleasure. Sydney then country Victoria. Now that I have blogger on my phone I should be able to post something whilst I am away. 

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