Friday, March 25, 2016

Playing with layouts

After singing in the choir last night, and going to a vigil this morning (Good Friday), it was time to play with layouts on my quilt. 

This is probably the busiest quilt I have made! As my beloved Singer 306k has managed to get a stray thread somewhere in the bobbin case and I can't shift it, it will need another visit to the sewing mechanic shop. Sigh. That machine is the biggest I have and therefore ideal for quilting. If it can't be fixed quickly I might change the layout somewhat to enable a quilt as you go construction method. We'll see. 
This is the smallest sewing machine. My Aunts Singer model 99. It is very cute. Not practical for quilting! 
My hot Cross  buns were a bit rustic looking but quite nice. I missed the dried figs I usually use. Instead I used dried apricots and pears along with sultanas. Figs would have been nicer. Note for next year!

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