Sunday, March 27, 2016

Progress, and a silver lining

Fifteen pinwheel blocks done! I have one more cut out which I will use to swap with one shown here, that I don't like. Can you see which one? Middle of the second bottom row. It can go in the back. 

One nice thing to come out of this weekend's machine troubles is that I have discovered that the Bernette 440 is a low shank machine just like my Singer 306, so the feet are interchangeable! 
That means that, if repairs are slow on the Singer I will be able to use the walking foot. 
This new banner in my local Anglican Church was unveiled today. Local parishioners made it, including the original art work and they did all the sewing and beading. It is in silk. There is a matching set of vestments for the priest and deacon, equally gorgeous. There are also 18 foot silk drapes on the other side. 
I was deeply impressed by the skill of these people. Seems to me that it is truly a community art work of some high standard. 

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