Sunday, April 17, 2016

Getting it together

I felt weary for most of the week after my trip to Sri Lanka, but being conscious that my grand daughter's birthday is fast approaching, I started to cut out and sew left over fabric for the back of the quilt.

The quilt is a generous single bed size 90" by 65" so it took a bit of juggling left overs to make the back big enough.

Then it was a quilt yoga session on the floor as I pinned it together. 
I spent most of the day straight line quilting with my walking foot.  I figured there is so much going on that simple quilting will be fine.

My grand daughter says there are 10 more sleeps till she is here visiting us all. I think I am on track to complete it by then. 

I have made minestrone for dinner. Lovely mild drizzly day should make this a winner with plenty for lunch this week. 

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