Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's all Dora's fault!

Here she is looking all innocent!

Dora was a rescue cat with a troubled history. One side effect is that she doesn't groom well, which is made worse by the lovely THICK coat she wears. It gets knotty and she does not tolerate combing by her human servants.

One vet helpfully suggested we get a kind of spray on conditioner for her cost. She hated that too. Now when she brushed against walls or curtains she left black greasy fur. 

In trying to find a way to manage this I bought some unlined IKEA curtains to replace the cream ones which were looking daggy. These new ones 
Wewere almost see-through with the light behind them and we really noticed the lack of insulation. Our lounge room was 2 or 3 degrees colder in the morning then when we had insulated curtains. 

Today I found Textile Traders with a genuine 50% off sale on curtains. So we now have insulated fabric curtains at $250 instead of $500 for the lounge and dining room. That is a big saving! It will help with heating and cooling costs too. 

We don't spray Dora. She lets me brush her a bit. When it gets too much the Vet gives her a sedative and she gets a clip. We have learned how to manage, and she has learned how to live with us too. 

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Mr Home Maker said...

Hmm - our darling cat is similar, except I do not have a solution. If she was not so amusing she would be a drain on our economy!