Sunday, January 29, 2017

Summer rain in the mountains

There is often a moment in a creative project when I think : "Why on earth did I start this?"

These Scrappy Mountain Mysteries blocks for example, made from recycled 100% cotton shirts.

I have had all kinds of trouble with them: the fabric wanted to slip under the needle, so I had to starch them. Then the sewing machine wanted to make little gathers or puckers in the seams so I had to thread and re-thread and clean the tension discs and stuff before it behaved. Then the method of cutting the half square triangles into strips -by placing one on top of the other and slicing-in my hands left me with pretty inaccurate cutting at times. I sharpened the cutting blade and recut and recut.

Anyway I bunged them up on the design wall and decided I was going to keep going. There are lots of possible layouts and if they don't quite fit I will add some sashing and be done with it!

I have resorted to playing Enya's Orinoco Flow in a desperate attempt to relax and enjoy the process!

Now maybe the whole thing has been jinxed by the way I feel about mountains -nice to look at, horrible to climb! Or the fact that we don't have much in the way of mountains here in the old ancient land of Western Australia.

Or maybe it is that we have the remains of a cyclone which has brought unseasonable rain, which means that we have not been able to walk on the beach for a few days, and all the grapes are splitting their skins?

Still the garden is enjoying it!


Daena Guest said...

Love the recycled shirts idea! :) it looks good! Keep going! That's often the Hardest part of the journey. Where you are both too far away from the top and too far from the bottom of the mountain. They view is usually pretty good in the middle but it's only at the summit do we feel like we have accomplished something great.

Just keep swimming! �� (Maybe in mixing my analogies again). Hehhe. Well done.

DEB H said...

"Why on earth did I start this?" because that is what we do, start it and wonder why. Looks great by the way, not a craft I have ventured into.