Saturday, January 7, 2017

This week -carols and stepping stones

 It has been a lovely week in many ways, but there have been some stumbling blocks as well as stepping stones -sorry about the pictures - I am having computer problems! I am going to need a new one very soon :-(. 
On a more positive note I have been cooking from my Rick Stein book that I got for my birthday.  We have enjoyed everything  so far -roasted lamb chops with lemon and potato, stuffed vegetables, Turkish carrot patties.
Yesterday I went to the op shop and found these green placemats for the princely sum of $3.25 for 6 and the ceramic dishes for $9 for the lot of them. Last night we enjoyed quite a mediterranean feast of olives (from our own tree), feta and brie, preserved meats, salads and the carrot fritters with a yoghurt garlic sauce. YUM! 

We went up to New Norcia this week and stayed overnight so we could enjoy the Epiphany readings  and carols. It was quite lovely. The  picture above is the courtyard in the monastery. 

The birds at New Norcia were amazing. The noise of them at dawn and dusk was louder than I have ever heard anywhere else. I collected these feathers as we walked around the town. 

It is a good thing that I have now pinned together the quilt sandwich for the Bonnie Hunter Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt.  DH has commented several times how much he likes this quilt: I don't know if it is the medium to dark tones, or the sparkle of the black and white four patches, but something about this one really works for him! I am very happy about that! I bought some bamboo wadding as the LQS didn't have any cotton. I haven't used this before so I will be interested to see how it works.

EDITED 17/01/2017 -I now have a new computer and the photos have been sorted so you can actually see them clearly!

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