Monday, February 13, 2017

Back from the Mountains of Mordor

Do you  name your quilts? I find that my quilt often gets a nickname as I sew. This one has been the "mountains of Mordor" from the Lord of the Rings novel, in which the hobbits travel away from safety in their valley to the dark mountains where all kinds of nastyness dwells.

As you will read from here  I had some problems with these blocks which are made from op shopped shirts. In fact,  I nearly threw them in the bin! After all, this is my hobby, and if it doesn't bring me joy, well I have the right to stop!

After a while I thought I would see if I could resurrect them with a setting which would give them some wriggle room. Creativity emerges out of difficulty, I find!

I added a scrappy border and am quite pleased with the result.

There are mountains with the light behind them, and mountains lit up with dark skies, and low-contrast blocks like misty mountains. 

I have found a lovely fabric for the backing, which was a doona cover I found in an op shop. It is 100% cotton and made by IKEA. In fact, they are still on sale for $30! I paid $9.25 for the cover and 4 pillowcases.

So that is what I have been doing, whilst keeping out of the unseasonable and torrential rain we have been having. The poor farmers have been flooded out in the wheat belt, and the Swan Valley low lying vineyards have had some of their shiraz wiped out! 

The rain caused our grapes to start splitting, so I harvested them yesterday. 

Quite pleased with this first crop from our vines.

My brother has also given us some more plants from his garden which is soon to be demolished: we now have 2 blueberry bushes, as well as some lovely ornamentals. When the weather decides if it is still going to be summer, or if we are in autumn already, I will decide whether to plant them out or leave them under shade for a bit longer. 

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