Saturday, January 13, 2018

A little laundry room update

The old bulky top loader needed to be replaced. 

We bought a front loader which is much more compact.  We did our research on the Choice magazine site, and decided on this model, which was luckily more than $300 cheaper on sale at the moment.

At the same time we removed the old country-style wallpaper freeze. The shelves above the sink were removed too, and now we needed to fill the holes where they were fixed to the wall. 

DH made some drawers to go on the other side of the washing machine.

After several days of sealing the surface, DH today installed this gorgeous jarrah wood bench top. 
He has done a great job of making the bench fit and have the right holes for the power cord and hose outlet. 

The laundry now is much more useful and attractive, but we recognise we need to paint the walls after filling in some of the rough patches.

I am thinking the wood panels could be navy blue, with white above. 


Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

The bench top looks really nice. And so practical.

Happy Retirees Kitchen said...

This looks like a very efficient workspace. I love the benchtop, such an attractive and functional idea. Pauline