Thursday, January 11, 2018

Water Play -my first finish of 2018

Water Play is now finished, apart from the binding sleeve and sewing on the label. This is my first finish for 2018! Here it is with my long-suffering DH holding it up in our front garden. The sea breeze was pretty strong, so we had to try to get a quick shot before it sailed away! The quilt is actually hard to photograph in artificial light, so I wanted a daylight picture to bring out all those pretty blues and purples and greens. 

You can see behind the quilt, the netted grapevine on the pergola at the front of the house. Our black grapes are just about ready for picking, if we can keep the birds away long enough! 

I chose a red binding to pick out the colour of the koi in the panel. I really like the way it frames the quilt. The panel was bought on a trip to Melbourne. The bargallo style borders around the panel were inspired by the idea of a pond with reeds and sun splashes on the water. 

Nina, my 306K did all the work on this quilt, even though I did have a few tension problems during the free motion quilting. I may have to find out how to adjust the tension, or take it for a spa at the local repairer's shop! 

I am glad I have finished this -as I will gradually have more work to do for the Quilters' magazine I edit, over the next few months, it is good to have a finish under my belt. 


Sandi1100 said...

Beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

Great design and color! The bargello works perfectly with the panel center.