Monday, April 27, 2009

How the job was done-cheaply-and what a result!

How we turned our old and broken outdoor furniture into good-as-new furniture for less than one quarter of the cost of new ones. (see previous post)

We set up a space in the garage to work, with our painted slats and two sawhorses (one rescued from the last hard rubbish collection). I painted the slats with an undercoat and some Weathershield paint we had left over from previous jobs. The cost for the slats was 2.20 each -we needed 30. That was a total of $66 plus fixings for another $20.

The old slats were removed from the wrought iron ends. DH needed to use an angle grinder for some of the old bolts. The new slats were bolted to the ends. The old braces and metal strip were screwed back in again.

Of course we had to celebrate the completed project with coffee and muffins! Total cost was $86 -to purchase new ones would have cost over $350 and required yet more stuff to be shipped here from China.

This sunny north-facing aspect is an important place for the taking of coffee whenever the winter sun pokes through. Our other patio is round the back and ideal for the summer time, -and with the blinds and patio heater on - can be cosy for quite many months of the year. There is no substitute for a little sunny spot in the winter or early spring, however.

Another interesting aspect of this sitting area is that it faces the street. We have a fairly quiet street and our neighbours keep pretty much to themselves, but when they see us around this table they often want to be more chatty. The front garden is where the flowering plants are mostly -and it can be a lovely place to be.

I hope you have somewhere nice to sit and enjoy the sun too!


Leis said...

I see you managed to get the man strated on teh task then?
I'm glad you got them all finished!
Looks good, will have to show me next time I'm around!

-Liesl :)

earthmotherwithin said...

We'll celebrate with a drink of something Leis!

Leis said...

sounds splendid :)