Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It was a great party!

It was a great party! In the afternoon my DH came home with a bunch of magnificent yellow flowers and so I had a great time arranging them to decorate the party table. Out came my 33 year old yellow tablecloth and my 33 year old lace cloth. Out came my collection of thrifted serviettes -no 'disposables' for us! Such style on almost no cost at all -the flowers were leftover from Church celebrations! It turns out that I have more than 25 serviettes -all collected from op shops for no more than $2 for four.

The food worked out great -although my slow cooker lasagne probably needed only half the cooking time. It was a Simple Saver recipe and it gave me the confidence to have a go. The egg and cornflour in the cheese sauce was very simple to do. The best thing about parties of course is the leftovers and there are enough of those to make sure we can enjoy special treats for days to come.
I had another pink bunch of flowers for the outdoor patio setting which gave it a lovely atmosphere. My fairy lights twinked beautifully.

There were about 20 of us. It rained. This confirmed my observation that the Autumn rains usually arrive at Easter in Perth -we had a good downpour but the patio blinds kept us all dry.

We were thrilled to meet my newest Grand Nephew -just a few months old. I was able to get a great aunt cuddle!

We caught up with each other's lives, we discussed the state of the world.

My brother and I swapped experience of growing veggies in the back yard. He has promised me some spaghetti squash seeds.

My DS and his friends sat in the family rooms and had a great time. It was so good to see these wonderful young people together.

We admired our young first time parents, so bravely going into the whole experience of looking after their precious charge.

We talked about what makes for a good life. Caring for each other, watching over the young ones, savouring the moment. It was lovely to have such a family time and you know what, we could not have been happier in a grand restaurant! The food was simple but well received, and the laughter was honest and good.

Simple living -if you want it.

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