Saturday, April 4, 2009


Here is a pic of what I found at the Op Shop today -the cute apple tin and a Victorian-image- covered notebook. I also picked up some more boxes and tins (you can never have too many), and some cotton yarn.

I am getting so excited about my up-and-coming long service leave. We have booked ourselves in to a fabulous hotel on the ocean -with open fire in the bedroom-for our anniversary in Victoria. I have been looking at what shows are on in May in Melbourne and beginning to book them too.

I have been getting so much inspiration about craft and art projects from all sorts of sources. I will have so much time for all the craft I can't do when I am at work. There is beginning to be quite a list! Meanwhile I am enjoying Curlew Country -and I love her list of favourite blogs too.
Like Sal's snippets who has a pic of some bunting she made - I have bought some fabric to do something similar as part of my Easter decorating. These ladies from blogland in the UK have the same love of vintage and country and craft and thrifting as I do, and they fill my need for pictures of the old country too!

This is what my Easter table looks like this week, after my DH spoilt me with these lovely flowers. I hope to post pictures very soon of the next stage of my Easter decorating.

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