Monday, March 22, 2010

Be Careful What you Wish for-storms in Perth!

No photographs in this post today-I was too busy trying to keep safe as I drove home from East Perth, through the tunnel, down the freeway during the "Perth Apocalypse Storm" last night.

It was a blessing to be stuck in tunnel for a while, as there were hailstones like large 'tombola' marbles falling at the entrance.

Later I had to dodge water which had closed off three lanes near Hutton Street.

Then when I got off at Erindale Road because I had heard that my exit had no traffic lights, I drove right into a storm which was overhead with driving rain causing visibility to shut down to less than 3 metres, high winds shredding the trees on the side of the road, and overhead lighting! I mean it really was overhead!

We had some water bank up in the gutter at the back of the house, where the patio roof meets the house roof, and that is a problem which we have every winter, so nothing too unusual there.

We had a large puddle by the front door which caused DS and DD some anxiety before I got home, but it cleared quite quickly.

My new veggies -planted last Sunday -all look in fine fettle.

Can't say the same for the rest of the northern Perth suburbs where I live. Our hospital is damaged, there are at least 6 schools and colleges which will not open today.

Across Perth we have over 75 traffic lights not working today and over 80,000 customers without electricity.

After 3 months of summer drought -the driest on record-this is a spectacular way to have the season break!

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