Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy Bee

There were lots of bees in the garden today. All through the lemon blossom, the lavender and the daisies. They were busy bees!

I have been busy too, sourcing flower arrangement paraphernalia for a certain celebration in September. You have to practice these things! These strange purple beads swell up in water and I am testing them out with some asters to see if the flowers stay alive.

I have made a Stargazy set of quilt squares. I liked it once I saw it come together like this.

The myer lemon has luscious fruit-just a few.

DH planted a Kaffir lime -thank you darling.

The potato beds got extra mulch.

The 7 year beans have their first bean pods.

And there is a new addition waiting to be planted - a giant kalamata olive! Just in time for Mother's Day ! WoHoo.

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