Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flowers for Mother's Day

Spent a lovely morning in the garden, among all this loveliness. Since we had the first rains followed by cooler nights and warm days, my garden has emerged from its stressed summer look to lush growth, in which each plant tries to outdo it's neighbour.

There is both pink and blue rosemary in flower, white and yellow and pink daisies, red and purple and cerise pelargoniums, and lots of lavender cultivars. The bees are still very busy.

I found a volunteer (self-seeded) rosemary and lavender which I have replanted out in the back to encourage the bees out there where I need the bees to pollinate vegetables and fruits.
Speaking of fruits, this is one of the gifts from my family for Mother's Day - a lovely kalamata olive tree. We planted it in the front yard where it will be some light shade in the summer time.

I got other lovely gifts -two books on preserving, and two seasons of Hercule Poirot on DVD!

Tonight we are going to a concert version of Rockwiz - a favourite TV show which celebrates rock music and I know we will have a whole lot of fun.

Happy days!

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