Saturday, May 29, 2010


Yes the 'rainbow quilt' is finally finished. I put the binding on yesterday and now my DD has it on her bed where it makes a very bright addition to the bedroom decor.

Something else was brought to completion this weekend. My husband's mother died at the age of 91, after a long and fruitful life. Mum died at home in her sleep, having been declining with dementia for about three and a half years. My sisters in law did a fantastic job of caring for her and Dad over these years. It is not inappropriate to say that it is a relief for all, including Mum, that she has now come to the end of all of this.

Mum had a very strong and active faith. She and Dad worked in the Church for many years, side by side. In the last months, my DH used to take communion to her and Dad at home, and she always seemed to be making some kind of response to the prayers. We are quite at peace with the thought that she is now with God, whole and full of life and laughter again, as she was in her youth, and with her loved ones by her side.

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So so lovely! I'm so glad it brings you peace!