Monday, July 5, 2010

A Room of One's Own

Virginia Woolf said a woman needed 500 pounds a year and a room of her own -with a lock on the door -in order to write.

Rick Rutherford in his classic magazine "Australian Country Collections" once had several feature articles on the creative spaces some lucky women had -and got me thinking then how wonderful it would be.

This weekend my DS moved into his first ever rental home -in preparation for the Wedding to his beautiful girl in September.

AND ...."TAA DAA" -I am now in possession of a Room of My Own. A Sewing Room, no less.

My DH is planning to paint it for me just as soon as he can -thank you darling. We are painting it Antique White USA. I will put up some curtains and furnish it with a desk for my computer and household files, a sewing table with cutting board, small iron, and permanent place for my sewing table with its lovely Bernina on it.

I have already put my craft supplies on shelves in the wardrobe, as you can see. These things used to be stashed under my bed, on the top of my wardrobe and anywhere else I could possibly fit them.

I plan to take up the carpet and replace it with bamboo flooring, which will be just right for the messy business of sewing -threads and wadding can make quite a lot of stuff on any floor, and the bamboo will be easy to sweep.

This is a lovely room, facing north, towards my glorious front garden.

Am I excited ? What do you think?

PS you might be wondering where the pictures of my new carport are -well, apparently the workshop has prefabricated it, but it won't be delivered until the construction gang are ready. So we are all still waiting.

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