Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blooming all over-best thrifting find so far!

As you can see I have a complete collection of Royal Albert "Flower of the Month" mugs. Collected lovingly over Christmasses and birthdays for several years. They are our special 'breakfast mugs" because something that pretty deserves to be USED.

Imagine my delight when, sitting in the St Vinnies Op Shop in Freo, there was.....THIS set of teapot and milk jug which is Royal Albert "Flower of the Month"!!!

Imagine how I held my breath when I asked the shop lady for a closer look and discovered they were perfect-no chips, no cracks.

Did I look too eager when I said I would take it? At less than a quarter of the new price for one piece?

Can you imagine how carefully I carried them home?

My breakfast mugs now have a breakfast teapot. Gorgeous for the Earl Grey, which is of course the only way to start a day!


Out Back said...

Oh how lucky for you, they look very pretty, no wonder you got excited!


Anonymous said...

Awesome find mum! Now your mornings are truly complete :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh lucky you. Very pretty, great way to start your day.