Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

My DH challenged me, some years ago, to decorate our home for Easter, as well as for Christmas.

Each year I try to add something to the collection, rearrange something, make it fresh.

Here is this year's display. Above - an icon of the "Anastasis"- the pictorial story of Jesus leading the captives out of hell, forms a dramatic focus of our 'meditation wall" along with a small gold frame in which the "Agnus Dei" or Lamb of God, is pictured along with the words "He is Risen"
There is also an icon of Pantocrator -"The wisdom of God" -along with crosses from various places around the world.

Above is the display on our dining table and wall -focusing on a traditional Easter symbol of eggs and chicks. This year I added to my collection of decorated eggs from the Oxfam shop.

I thought the colours of this quilt were bright and fresh for the Easter season, which is full of joy, so I have hung it in the entrance to our house.

Finally, I popped a little Easter Bunny in a basket full of home made decorated eggs!

Happy Easter Everyone!

(We are at New Norcia this weekend, celebrating with the Benedictine Community)

Happy Easter. I hope you have much to celebrate. Life is good.

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