Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet Humphrey

Humphrey is the name my mother used to use for her shopping trolley. It was rhyming slang : Humphrey Bogart= go cart! Therefore my 'nanna trolley' is called Humphrey in honour of my mum!

My daughter does not drive, and some time back she asked if we could find a trolley so that she could walk down to the shops for me and bring back heavy stuff like milk. As a Uni student she has some times in the week when she can usefully do that.

I was happy to do the research and find this very posh trolley at Lady Kitchener in Subiaco. It has seriously good wheels. The flap at the top has a zipped pouch for my keys and purse.

The trolley has had a number of airings already. I find it encourages me to leave the car at home for those short trips to the shop. It means I can get some exercise, and the world benefits from me using foot power rather than petrol power. I can bring home quite a lot of stuff. My suburb has good footpaths which makes the whole experience enjoyable.

PS Please notice my new fly screen door, fitted just this week. When we installed our new wooden doors, we needed something which would not detract from them. Metal security doors would have spoiled everything. They quoted us $1000 for one door!

We found this door for $150 in Bunnings, and a lovely carpenter hung it for $80.

Do you like it?

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Debbie said...

I have been thinking of getting one of those trolleys too but have not done anything about finding one.
I love the screen door and it looks far better than a security door.