Friday, July 22, 2011


All sorts of progress was made this week at our place. For one thing, Dora made it to the top of the bed, after being hidden underneath for most of the week. She is getting more relaxed with every day.

But the big news was that this horrible purple bath was resurfaced. The process was rather stinky, but as you will see, it was well worth it. From this:

To this:
I hasten to add that the bathroom renovation is not finished yet. Those tiles look even wilder now than they did before, and will leave permanently in a few weeks.

DH and I are off to Albany for a few days R & R. Hope we might see a whale or two.

See you when we get back


balletmama said...

That looks FANTASTIC!

Becky said...

The bathtub looks great. Could you say how much it costs? Dh's son is looking at replace / repair of a bathtub in his home.

earthmotherwithin said...

Hi Becky.
Resurfacing the bath cost $550.