Monday, July 11, 2011

Winter sun today

I took advantage of a break in the rain, to go out with my camera and take a few carefully framed photographs of my garden in the winter sunshine.

I have to frame them carefully so that you can't see all the weeds which are growing, and the pruning and feeding which I haven't done yet. The rain has brought on a growth spurt and everything is looking plump and happy.

Let's not spoil it -most gardens look a bit like this in the winter, don't they? If you want to be outside gardening, it is too cold and wet. Yet when you are at work all day, you get a brilliant sunny day!

My DH is planning a couple of weeks holiday -starting in a few days' time. We both hope he gets a bit of time in the garden -I am OK at pottering about, but for garden blitzes he is the person we need.

Thankfully the work we have done earlier has produced some nice results -for example we have Kale growing this year, and the peas are looking good too.

I put some of our rainbow chard in the latest loaf of bread I made -which gives it these cute red flecks. It also has feta cheese in it and nutmeg -so not much good for spreading with jam, but nice with vegemite and cheese.

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