Saturday, June 29, 2013

Don't throw it out- celery trimmings soup

You know how you buy celery, and cut off the leaves etc? You seem to get an awfully big pile of stuff to throw out -often bigger than the stalks that you save.

There is no need to throw them out! You can use celery leaves in salads -but most people find them a bit strong in taste, so this is not a solution for all of the leaves in the bunch you have bought.

We love making celery soup with the leaves and trimmings. It is easy and tasty and cheap! As I wrote here it is important that we try to avoid food waste.
Kent pumpkin pieces, onion flakes and water added

1. Wash the leaves etc and chop roughly.
2. Fry one or two onions gently to bring out the sweetness of the onions.
3. Add some chopped pumpkin or sweet potato (this is important to counteract the bitterness of the celery, but if you can substitute corn kernels or a tin of creamed corn)
4. Add a lot of water (probably 3 litres) to cover everything
5. If you have them dried onion flakes are a lovely addition -they are quite sweet too

6. At this point you can proceed directly to simmering and stuff, but I usually check the fridge and throw in any left overs I might have -this is not necessary but adds depth of flavour.

7. After at least an hour of simmering (2-3 is great) remove some of the fluid and set aside. You want a creamy soup with some body, so don't be afraid to take out quite a bit of liquid-you can put it back later if it looks too thick, but it is impossible to get the fluid out if it is too thin.  I often take out at least a litre. You can freeze the leftover liquid for stock to use in another soup.
Veggie stock removed from the soup -for the start of another meal - I keep it in the  freezer.

8. Using a stick blender, blitz the whole thing.

9. Add some powdered milk and blitz again (start with half a cup of powdered milk). You can also use cream if you have it, or coconut milk is nice too.

10. Check the taste and adjust seasonings.

Enjoy your soup, with crusty bread for preference.

Save the leftovers in small containers (freeze it if not being used immediately) and take to work, and

 congratulate yourself on making nutritious food from things you would otherwise have thrown out!

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