Friday, June 21, 2013

No ugly 'before' photos here! The ensuite renovation is all beautiful!

 We love our home. After 20 years of married life living in other people's homes, we really valued the chance to buy a house in a northern suburb of Perth, close to the railway line and the freeway, and the coast (well, close enough -no views but a 10 min trip to the beach in the car on a hot day). It was built in the 1970s and needed some TLC.

Over the 20 odd years since we have done quite a lot of work on it.: new driveway, new carport, new patio, new kitchen, new main bathroom.

There was one place which we hated for a long time -our classic 1970s purple ensuite, complete with purple and beige tiles and a purple toilet. It had a narrow high window so was always dark. It had a clingy shower curtain.

Ok that is why there are no 'before' photos here. Ugly. You can imagine it.I am going to forget it!

Recently we had the opportunity to renovate the ensuite. It has a completely new layout, with a brand new BIG glass block window which lets in so much light that we often think the light is on.

 We chose a white and grey colour scheme, so these little slate plates from Wales will echo it. Later they will go on the wall.

 My mum had this little 'whistling sands' souvenir from Wales, and the other is made of slate and is a traditionally dressed Welsh lady with a harp.

 My mother taught me how to say this!

 Checkerboard grey tiled floor.

 Gum leaf pattern border.

 Curved handles on the vanity.
 A large bathroom cabinet with a big mirror which is reflecting the window.

 Curved shower screen.

At last! Somewhere to put things next to the wash basin!!!!!!! <3 p="">

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