Saturday, June 22, 2013

Winter Feast

 This is the mantle that my crafty DD decorated in anticipation of the Second Winter Feast we have held in honor of the solstice.

 A choir of birds and musicians among the holly and the ivy.

 Venetian masks -one looking back over the year that has been, one looking ahead to the year that is coming.

 A table set for 10 in the lounge room because we can't fit ten in the dining room-in summer of course we would just eat outside on the patio. We invited friends, who brought contributions to the meal.

We served pastries and dukkah with home made bread and sparkling wine for starters.
Roast pork, beef casserole, roasted vegetables, a green salad and a potato bake for the main course.
Figgy pudding with butterscotch sauce and drunken pears for dessert.

 We lit the room with lots of candles. There was more holly and ivy on the table.

 It was a lovely night!
It ended with DH giving our guests a Winter Package of home made marmalade, home grown lemons and turnips and Kaffir lime and bay leaves -just a little sharing of our harvest.
From now on the days start getting longer-yippee!

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