Friday, January 24, 2014

Summer entertaining

This month of January is a good time to catch up with old friends. Many of us don't have all of our diaries full yet, and the weather is just perfect for being outdoors in the evening.

We have been entertaining people who haven't been to our place in a while-either the last time we met it was in a coffee shop, or restaurant, or it was 'their turn' to have us to dinner at their place. It has been a great opportunity to show them the result of our renovation and gardening efforts. Bathroom renovation, ensuite renovation, new heater and mantle piece in the lounge room, raised vegetable garden beds, new carport and panels, water tank ..the past few years have made a big difference to this place.

Each morning as I shower in my lovely new en-suite I am very grateful for the lovely space I enjoy. The best part is the big glass block window, which lets the early morning sunshine in. The shower now faces this window so you can be bathing in water and sunlight!

Anyway, the afternoon is moving on. I am turning this harvest pictured above into food for friends to share tonight.  Gazpacho and tziziki soaked up some of the many cucumbers -but there are lots left! We are having baked potatoes and  fish with tomato, onion and olives.

My friend is bringing dessert tonight. We will sit outside and talk and  eat and enjoy the evening together. Hope you have a good weekend to look forward to!

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