Saturday, January 23, 2016

10 reasons to make your own kitchen stay-put hand towels

1. You need some more.
CHECK. I threw my old ones out last week because they were stained and daggy.

2. You like pretty things
CHECK. Why not? I like to have things that are both useful and beautiful.

3. You don't want to mix up teatowels for drying dishes with hand towels
CHECK. In this house the hand towels need to be significantly different to 'stay as hand towels" otherwise someone will dry the dishes with them

 4.  You found an easy tutorial from pinterest. 
CHECK. So many different options but I went with this one:

5.  You are 'between projects' at the moment.
CHECK. I have finished the cushions and not ready to start the halloween quilt.

6.  It only takes about half an hour each.
CHECK. That is, unless you spend 30 minutes unpicking something you did last night because you got slack and didn't pin it properly.

7.  You have a bunch of left over fabrics from your last project which are still on the sewing bench.
CHECK. I haven't put them away yet so if I can use some of it- I won't have to put it away! LOL

8. There is nothing you would rather do right now than play with your sewing machine.
CHECK. I love being creative. The sound of my vintage machine is very soothing!

 9. You want a sense of achievement that just going to the shop and buying something, can never give you. 
CHECK. Call it independence, call it self-sufficiency, call it competence, I like the buzz of making it myself.

10. You can share pictures of it on your blog when it is done.

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