Sunday, January 31, 2016

The fabric is doing all the work!

This is my latest flimsy. I started it the week before Halloween last year, but put it aside to get the Eclipse quilt finished. (I really am a 'one at a time' quilter).

This quilt has such great fabric that the design doesn't need to be complicated. Isn't this graveyard by moonlight fabric a hoot?

The Peanuts fabric is so cute! I have had the panel a few years, having bought it on the internet.  Of course, I couldn't resist -my childhood memories of Peanuts cartoons won me over.  I think this story of Linus waiting for the 'Great Pumpkin" to give him presents, is one of those inspired funny-but-sad stories which make cartoons great. The story features Snoopy appearing in the pumpkin patch at night -he is always pushing Linus along- and Linus's bossy sister actually comes through with some compassion as she takes him back to bed. 

Over the years, I collected pumpkin and graveyard by moonlight fabric, and added some cats! The blue background of the cat fabric picks up the blue in the main peanuts sky, and so I then added blue fabric for a border, with little yellow stars. 

I have made this a large lap size so it can be hung up if need be, or could make a cute snuggle quilt or child's bed size. 

I added the black cat borders top and bottom to make it rectangular, and because the fabric is too nice not to use.

The next step is to make the back. 

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