Saturday, July 16, 2016

Big excitement: dehydrator in the house!

DH came home today with a lovely gift from someone at church: a dehydrator with all the stuff including the instruction manual! This is an important piece of infrastructure for saving our harvests, but we haven't thought it would be an item we would buy new. We were given a preserving kit about 12 months ago.

My DD was VERY excited about this dehydrator. She has many projects in the herb/craft  line to try! I want to try to add to our list of things we can give as gifts as well as enabling our own use.

The person who gave this to DH also gave him a couple of boxes of glass jars too. Nice!

This week we have had the very cold dry days which are sometimes part of a Perth life. Then yesterday rain came back in quite a large storm.

DH has been using his new saw to prune our fruit trees. He does a 'man prune" sometimes which I don't necessarily agree with, but as he says , he hasn't killed a tree yet! I have my fingers crossed for the pomegranate and olive tree! 

The "happy wanderer" or Hardenbergia has come out in flower, and is letting us believe that the spring is not too far away! 

The winter garden includes self sown rocket and broccoli in the back raised beds. 

The avocado which we put into the garden after a few years in a pot, seems to have adapted well. We have hopes for fruit from this tree. So far we haven't had any! 

I will be posting soon about the mystery quilt and a small wallhanging I am working on. 

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