Sunday, July 3, 2016

Getting sowing seed right!

One of the Simple Living tasks I have had minimal success with is raising vegetable seedlings. I can grow some thing well, but too often I find myself buying seedlings. This can be expensive, and the varieties offered are pretty basic. I want to grow heritage seed varieties for flavour and colour on the plate! 

The wonderful Perth City Farm is near my office. This is a community run garden. Recently I walked past it to a meeting, and looked at its extensive nursery, through the fence. There were rows of waist high tables with pots of seedlings and cuttings.I wondered why we can't grow things the same way. It occurred to me that the problem was after-care. We fail to water them properly. 

What we need is a System! I remembered this trolley. It has been hanging around after DH brought it back from a clean out at the church.Why couldn't this be my seed and cutting system? I can wheel it to catch the sun, or put it into the shade. 

So this weekend I tried to " do it properly!' I planted some seed and put some self down seeds into pots of seed raising mix. I planted tomato seeds from the here -Yilgarn Seeds is a Geraldton Western Australia based permaculture garden. These are local seeds for the kind of climate Perth is gradually moving towards, as a result of climate change.

I also planted almost every other seed I had which was ready to be planted at this time of the year. Some of the seed was officially 'out of date" - a result of me being a bit fed up with my previous results, which meant I left half packets of this and that unused. I decided to plant them on the basis that they deserved a chance! 

I am committed to regular watering of these seedlings. If I only get a 25% success rate I will still be winning! 

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