Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Secret Squirrel Quilt is finished! Shhhhh

No pictures of the Secret Squirrel quilt yet. It won't go to it's new owner for two weeks yet. I am pleased that it survived the washing machine and dryer, and now has a label. I bought a decorative presentation box for it so we are good to go.

I thought I would make some barrier bags for when I am buying veggies, in place of the plastic bags the shops provide. I wanted to use the Singer 328P but she doesn't like sewing the lace curtain scrap I am using, so I am improvising with left over bits of quilt binding. These barrier bags are going to be very POSH looking! LOL This is something which I thought I would do for Plastic Free July

It is 4pm and only 8 degrees in Perth at the moment! We are all in SHOCK!

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