Saturday, November 26, 2016

Decorating for Advent using what we have

This lovely Christmas wreath was made by my DD. She volunteers at an Op Shop two days a week, and this week they had pulled out all the Christmas decorations which hadn't sold last year. There was  a broken wreath on a flimsy frame, which she brought home. Some of the decorative items were broken but she pulled the rest off the frame. I had a wreath frame which was pretty undecorated, so she used that to make this lovely thing for our door. 

 I have an advent wreath base which requires dinner table style tapers. Usually I am organised enough to get the traditional purple and pink ones  from the church supply shop, but not this year. Never mind! I had this metal tray from IKEA, and my DD provided the candles from her stash from Thingz, and we had the cherries and holly from previous Christmas decor. I used sand from the sandpit, and that was it. We like the fresh look this year. 

Each year we buy something new for our Christmas decor. This year my lovely DH went all the way out to the Mr Christmas shop to buy battery operated LED lights. There are two strings of white and a cute little jewelled set. I plan to use them in other ways after Christmas! 

Normally we wouldn't be this decorated on the First Sunday in Advent, but our little Victorian family had to leave last weekend, so we sneaked in some pre-Advent decorating with our little grandson and granddaughter. It was the best idea! They loved helping us decorate our tree! We felt as though we had 'done Christmas" together, so even if we can't be with each other on Christmas Day, we have still had a chance to share our traditions with each other. Every time I look at the tree I think of them being held up to put the star on the top. 
This was the second quilt I ever made. I am glad to bring it out each Christmas, and to see that I have progressed in my skills since then. It is still a lovely quilt. I have it hanging in the entrance.

This is my advent calendar. It is a Jo Mullens design. The 'wonkiness" of the shape is due to the fact that it is being distorted by the weight of some very grown up advent calendar treats -including tiny bottles of liqueurs! My DD is a real 'partner in crime" in all things Christmas, insists that, as this calendar is for US, we should put things we like in it. I searched until I found dark chocolate Lindor balls for the smaller pockets. 

We haven't finished decorating! 
Tradition will reassert itself this afternoon, when we finish decorating for Christmas on Advent One. 

Lord Jesus, come!
As morning light awakens us to work and pray,
shine, Sun of righteousness,
bright on the path of all who seek justice.
As solid ground beneath our feet,
steady us, Rock of our salvation,
strong to sustain all who trust in you.
As green shade beckons in the heat of the day,
shelter us, Tree of life,
gently protecting all who seek wisdom.
As a deep well quenches thirst in the desert,
refresh us, Fountain of life,
cool water of peace for all who drink from you.
As the days grow longer
and the sun’s heat increases,
increase our faith,
and bring us to worship you
by your cradle,
at your cross,
in your resurrection,
and at your glorious coming again
with judgement and with mercy. Amen.

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