Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pirates! Treasure!

In order to have some real relaxation on my TOIL time, we decided to take the train down to Fremantle to see the the Shipwrecks in the museum, and in particular the Dirk Hartog Plate -a marker left by the first known European explorer to the West Australian coast in 1616.

This coast has many wrecks -partly because the maps did not include our continent at the time (!) and therefore ships which were using the Roaring Forties to slingshot themselves across the Indian Ocean had a bad habit of running into the coast. This is a picture of the locally built Duyfken replica boat in Fremantle Harbour.

We stopped at the Fishing Boat harbour for lunch, of course, and enjoyed fish and chips.
Whilst in the museum we bought replica "Pieces of 8' which were found on another wreck, the Batavia. We brought them home with some fake 'jewels" and have been having the BEST time playing pirate treasure with our grandchildren. 

Another day we went by train to Midland to do the Op Shops and Second hand shops. I was delighted to find a purple cornucopia vase to add to my collection for a tiny price of $10! It looks fantastic with pink and red roses on my mantle.

I also found these two scarf rings for $2 each! I have started collecting scarf rings -it makes sense when you have as many scarves as I do. I had been looking for something like this -and isn't it amazing that when you look for something, it often comes into your view? 

Apart from all these things, I have been walking on the beach and writing in my Nanowrimo novel -now up to 25,000 words: half way there. I have to go back to work this week, but it has been a lovely break made better by family being here with us. 

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