Friday, February 2, 2018

Making the best of things

This post was going to be full of pictures of our trip to the South Coast. We were looking forward to long white sand beaches, granite outcrops and cool weather.  Last Sunday we packed up the house, got a neighbour to feed the cat, hitched up the trailer and we were far as Williams before we had to turn around! DH managed to twist his knee so badly he couldn't walk on it, and the medical centre at Williams was not open on the weekend. What to do? We could go on -to another town with no emergency weekend clinic...we could go all the way to Albany  (another 200 kms) and then go to the hospital there... with DH either admitted for treatment during our holiday or released to a bed for some days to recover.....

We decided to come home. We got home, unhitched the trailer with some neighbour assistance, and I drove DH to the Joondalup Emergency department. We were given every consideration and care, and by 9 pm we were driving away with painkillers and crutches. We both have words of praise for the Australian free medical system, which is world class.

For about a minute we considered getting take away food on the way home -but realized it would be quicker and nicer to eat with what we had, even if we had been running down supplies before leaving for a week.  Supper consisted of cheese and crackers and home made mango chutney, followed by home made bread from the freezer toasted and served with home made cherry jam and cream! Not too shabby at all.

At least the cat was glad we were home!

So DH spent the week on crutches, gradually improving. He is a volunteer treasurer for a small community group, so being immobilized actually worked out quite well, as he spent the week preparing the books for the auditor. 

This is not the south coast, but it is still a beautiful morning at Mullaloo. 
What have I got to complain about really? 

In the UK it is traditional to  take grapes to the sick, so every day I have been out to the Rubio grapevine to get DH some grapes. They were tied into stockings to keep the birds off them, and it has been quite successful in producing beautiful ripe fruit. A bunch a day for a whole week! 

DD and I decided to try to have fun this week, anyway. We did a tour of our favourite Op Shop haunts -and had coffee and lunches out just as we would have done on holiday.

This was my favourite op shop buy -just $3 for two pristine condition useful quilting books, and the French dictionary thrown in for free! Thanks to St Martin's Bookshop in Kensington. 


Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

I'm glad to hear that your husband is recovering.
Sometimes unexpected things happen, but you were able to make the best of everything as much as possible.

Selina B said...

a speedy recovery to your hubby!
twisted knees are bloody painful!
hope you ended up enjoying your week (away) at home
thanx for sharing