Saturday, February 10, 2018

Summer days in green and gold

Just pinned the "Christmas in Oz" quilt together. Don't know why it has taken so long to get to this stage, but there you have it. Partly it was because I was in full magazine production mode for WAQA, but still, it took a while to get this far. Not sure how to quilt it yet -it might even work with diagonal straight lines. 

The Eureka lemons are going well at the moment. I have a new citrus juicer that I bought second hand, which will help me cope with our citrus harvests. My hands struggle with some things -like opening cans and squeezing lemons. I am thinking we might make lemon passionfruit butter! 

Glorious summer days in the park behind our house. The sheoak nuts are ready to eat, and the pink and grey galahs are enjoying them very much.

DH's leg is so much better! He walked with me around Carine Open Space this week- just look at this lovely colour! Extra points for finding the coot in among the reeds. 

Our Kalamata olives are getting so big! No sign of them ripening as yet, but I am keeping my eye on them.  We have had to be a bit wary because we think there might be rats around again! We have heard some noises on the roof (in the roof?) at night. This is their hungry time of the year, and when the fruit is ripening they come for a feed! I am watching the pomegranates in particular. 


DebH. said...

My olives neither flowered or fruited this season, don't know why. Lemon passion butter sounds just the thing.

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

Another beautiful quilt.
Lemon passionfruit butter sounds heavenly.