Sunday, March 5, 2017

Plugging away on the Mountains of Mordor quilt

I don't know how I have missed posting for so long! 
The last post was nearly three weeks ago! 
In  that time I have pinned and done a lot of quilting on the "Mountains of Mordor" quilt.

I am glad that I kept going, despite the problems. Sure, it is a bit wonky in parts, but by the time it has been washed you will hardly know where! ( I hope, anyway).

One interesting problem I encountered last weekend was that my beloved Singer 306 had a foot pedal problem. The plastic hinge pin had broken. I asked the very helpful group on Facebook which supports vintage sewing machine enthusiasts what to do and got expert help. I was able to buy  for $3 a new hinge pin from a local Janome dealer (!) and fix it myself.

It wasn't fixed till Monday, so I used my other vintage machine, the Singer 326 to keep going. This is also a lovely machine, but a bit noisier and does not have such a high 'harp' for quilting. Still, she came out to play for a while, which was nice.

On Ash Wednesday we had a magnificent electrical storm. This picture does not do justice to the amazing clouds we saw just before it broke. It has been an  odd summer.

Nevertheless all is well here. The garden is good despite the heat and the humidity.

So, my DH has just announced he has made me my customary G & T for a summer Sunday evening, so I am off. Say HI in the comments if you would like to!


Mr Home Maker said...

I just love Lord of the rings - both books and movies (which is strange for me). I can instantly see why you have named the quilt thus.

Your vintage machine reminds me of my mother's 1938 Singer which she still has I think. I have many good memories sitting under the kitchen table playing with the material scraps and the odd pin that dropped off the table.

DEB H said...

Lovely quilt, I have never been inclined to quilt,something for retirement. Lucky you could fix your machine by yourself.