Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quiet book for the birthday girl

 I made a 'quiet book' for my grand daughter who is almost one, and actually had the pleasure of giving it to her in person -after all she lives a long way away and that is a rare treat.

I put a transfer of a photo on the cover.

 Inside there is a pretty piece of fabric I saved from one of Annabelle's dad's left over Chrysalis ties.  The dress has a collar and buttons for little fingers to play with.

 The eyelets caused a bit of consternation, but the application of a hammer with force soon sorted them out. I guess this zip will be too hard for Annabelle to unzip for a while, but she will grow into it.

 Farm fabric and flowers with velcro attached -will be much easier for little fingers to tackle now.

 The buttons were a big hit and the peek-a-boo bunny behind the flap caused a smile.

 A doyley for texture and flaps to play with, and velcro pulls which will be a challenge for a while. They take quite a bit of effort to pull.

 Crazy cat fabric and a cross which can be pulled out of  the pocket.

 Last page love letter!
I think she likes it!

If you want to make one of these books, set aside quite a bit of time but it is a very enjoyable project.