Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Paddington Quilt is finished

Taa  Daaaa!  

I finished the Paddington Bear quilt on Monday last. It is now in the wash with some Colour Catchers.  
It is for our lovely new grandson -DGS- who lives away from us in another state.  Isn't he CUTE?
We will visit him in about 5 weeks's time. Can't wait! 

It is a large cot quilt size -it will actually work on the toddler bed when he is big enough.

The centres of the big stars and the log cabin blocks are images from Paddington Bear, and the words are of course from the luggage label he wore on his way from Peru!

I made the quilt with the quilt-as-you-go- method and used mostly fabrics from my stash.

I really love the moment when the border goes on. My DD helped me choose the blue solid for the binding, and I think it really works to frame the quilt and bring out the oranges and yellows. In this shot you can see some of the fabric for the back. In included some greens as well, because DGS's mum likes green. I couldn't make the green work on the front, but at least there is some in the back!