Tuesday, August 16, 2022

My Kunanyi quilt is done

Here it is, on our bed -the quilt I call Kunanyi, after the mountain in Hobart which often has snow at this time of the year. After all the quilt is made from 'snowball' blocks!

It is lovely to wake up to, on one of those sunny but freezing mornings we get at this time of the year.

I made it with fabrics which were given to me at Christmas time one year. It features Nordic designs -pine trees, hearts, stags. There are snowflakes too -so I guess it is a Christmas quilt! Sort of "Christmas in July" which some people do in Australia, to give an excuse to eat all the traditional Christmas fare which is inappropriate when it is hot in summer, our actual Christmas time. 

 It is a big quilt so I got a longarmer to do a lovely swirly pattern -sort of like the wind which swirls at the top of Kunanyi.

Here is a link to more information and pictures about Kunanyi -Mount Wellington.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

New Design Wall- with how to do it yourself


Twelve years is a long time for a temporary design wall to work. This  design wall (above) is a piece of batting, sewn to abacking, and hung from curtain rods in my sewing room, just behind the door.

It worked pretty well, but it was small and flimsy. I often had to use pins to keep heavy pieces on to it.

My dream was to one day have one of those design walls I saw on quilter's blogs- made with some kind of insulation foam blocks covered with batting.  The love of my life (apart from my garden and quilts) Mr DH, heard my call, and started to work out how to do it. The design brief included the idea that the boards should be relatively easy to dismantle -ie no sticking the boards to the wall with glue.

He did the research. He made the plan. Five boards. Four stuck together horizontally with gorilla glue and tape. One cut down the middle and stuck vertically. 

He created a solid shelf for the bottom of the design wall to sit into. He created metal brackets for the top, to hold it in place.

We had a bit of a blip when we realised that the piece of batting which I had saved for the project was about 20 cm or 10 inches too short! Quick trip to a shop, and we were here stapling the batting to the back of the boards, and using tape to secure the corners.

Here it is in all its glory! Solid, smooth, not wobbly or flimsy.

I love it

Thank you Mr DH! 💗💗