Monday, August 24, 2015

Winter! What have we been up to?

It has been a busy couple of months. Grandchildren to visit -great fun. 

 Stunning winter days in Perth, and the walks along the beach are cold and crisp and beautiful. Thankfully we have also had some wet, wet, wet days, as this is supposed to be the season which brings the rain for the whole year. DH and I feel very spoilt because we get to walk on Mondays when others are at work-the joys of the part-time worker.

Nina, my 1954 vintage Singer 306K has been working hard on my Chinese lantern quilt. Thanks to I have been able to source some accessories which make free motion quilting easy on the old girl. I absolutely love using this machine.

Table set for company. Our Friday night group has been back at our place. 

I greatly enjoyed reading Naomi Klein's book "This changes everything". Read it if you can!

DH has been enjoying making these bottled pears. He did a batch a couple of months ago, but he couldn't resist pears at $0.99 per kilo, so spent today making them with lots of yummy spices in the syrup. 

We actually managed a couple of days away at our favourite spiritual retreat -the guest house in the New Norcia monastery grounds.

One last look at the beach!