Saturday, May 22, 2021

New watertank and citrus -what we are doing this autumn


This is our new 1500 litre water tank, saved up for and installed just in time for the winter rains. We had to get an extra delivery person to help us get it off the truck and pushed into position down the side of the house. DH was feeling much better recently after being ill with another bronchial infection on top of the back surgery eight weeks ago, however, and was able to get the downpipe installed to send the rain into the tank, which saved us the cost of a plumber. 

It sits under the eaves near the other 3000 litre water tank and the garden bed on the west side of the house. It will solve a problem with water pooling on the paving in that site, because the downpipe did not have a soakwell to put the water into, from the roof. It will also provide extra storage of water for our garden. Perth is not getting wetter with climate change, but rapidly drying. My water tanks are used for extra watering for food plants. 

DH also helped me prune the grapevine on the northern side of the house so that more winter light can get in and warm the place up. It now has a pretty decent structure, and I hope to be able to manage it better when summer comes. 

I am pruning the citrus trees as I harvest the fruit. The mandarins were a bit overcome by the Mediterranean fruit fly this year -I got some nice ones, but I need to remember to bag the fruit on the tree next year I think. 

The Meyer lemon has been prolific. I have juiced some and frozen the juice in bags for recipes later on, but there are plenty to share. I have put 5 boxes full of lemons on the verge for neighbours, and there are more to come. I put a post up on our "Buy Nothing" page and a steady stream of people come by to get the lemons. 

The lemons are just a part of the citrus harvest - I am also processing limes and grapefruit and tangelos! I am pressing them onto anyone who comes near me: "Here, take some away before I drown in citrus juice!" 

We are drying chillis and herbs like oregano on the laundry rack I have in the laundry room. It is a good place for slow drying without power. 

Apart from all of this harvesting, I would like to be able to get more seeds in for the winter crops- I have some snow peas coming up already. I have a lot of self seeded celtuce for winter salads. 

I love my garden, and I enjoy the work I do in it. Sharing it  and saving it are part of the fun.