Friday, January 24, 2020


We are back home from our holiday in Victoria, where we stayed for two weeks with our family- our son, beautiful daughter in law and three precious grandchildren. They live in a sweet country town in the north on the Campaspe River. It is not too near the fires at the moment, but was impacted by smoke. One day we stayed inside and did not put the evaporative air conditioner on, as it would have drawn the smoke into the house. That was a long day.

We did all the things grandparents do when visiting grandchildren. 
We cooked, we played games, we read stories, we ate meals together. After months of being apart, we need to find out again who we are, how we have grown and developed and changed. The grandparents are a bit slower, but the grandchildren are bigger and faster! They ride bikes and scooters, they climb monkey bars, they bounce on trampolines. The little one has more speech, and now plays imaginary games -putting the baby to bed, having it wake up and cry, then needing to be comforted. He plays with the Duplo in new and creative ways.  The middle one is taller and more confident after a year of kindy. The older one is loved especially by the baby, and crafty and creative and sensitive.

One day when the little one was in daycare, the older two enjoyed a big ride at the Netball Courts -and a further ride to town for a special morning tea in the cafe and a play at the Rotary Park, then home. In order to get home you have to cross the Bridge, after negotiating the pedestrian underpass. How much fun can you have going fast down into a subway on your bike? Lots of fun -especially if you are allowed to do it several times!

We had a couple of times of sightseeing too- the wonderful exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery, for example, and the Ian Potter Gallery at the NCV in Melbourne. We visited a historic home -sadly couldn't get inside.

We ate fabulous Melbourne lane way cafe breakfasts, and had yummy dinners with friends. We took our family out to lunch or dinner and we took ourselves out too. It was all wonderful.

In fact, we did a whole lot of things in the space of just a couple of weeks, that we don't do for most of the year. We don't usually spend this much money on eating out -and we don't usually travel so far either. We budget for our holidays, and save up for them too. Our simple life makes it possible to do this even when we are retired.

Now we are home and reflecting on precious times. Mementos like the paintings and pictures they drew for us, the photographs we took, the memories they embody. Each day is precious and each time we spend with someone, near or far, is precious too.

Our normal routines are being re-established. The garden is growing and needs attention. The dishes need washing. I did a bulk grocery shop.  DH has washed the clothes which are now drying on the line, in our wonderful sea breeze. We are re-adjusting to the 3 hour time difference, and setting ourselves up for a couple of projects this year.

Thanks for your kind thoughts. It was a wonderful time!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

And now for a short break

I am taking a short break.

Hope to be back with travelling tales in a couple of weeks.