Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Quilt Finish!

My first quilt finish for 2021 is a Superheroes panel quilt which I have made and donated to the WAQA community quilt group. Each year my guild gives about 1000 quilts away to shelters, hospitals, refugees, rehab centres and the like. Mostly I contribute some squares to quilts made as a group project, but each year I try to donate a completed quilt. This one is for the boys/men who want quilts to look more manly! 

As I write we are a few hours away from the inauguration of the new government team in the USA and I send all my love to quilters there and hope you are all safe and well. I feel like we are all holding our breath here, to see a peaceful transition. 

We had our first WAQA meeting this year and this was part of the display of community quilts. They all do an excellent job.

I bought myself an Accuquilt template of tumblers and have been turning scraps into a scrappy quilt. Here are the blocks I have made so far, in random order.  I am also cutting anything too small for this quilt into 2.5 inch squares. Anything smaller than that is going to be stuffing in a pillow for the cat basket! 

 I will let you know how this one works out! So far I am just having fun making pairs and seeing what eventuates.