Saturday, September 6, 2014

Visiting family in Tasmania

We have returned from a fabulous two week holiday in the island state of Tasmania, visiting our son and daughter-in-law and our grandchildren DGS  (9 weeks) and DGD 2 years old.

I took over the Paddington quilt for little DGS's cot. At the moment he still sleeps in his bassinet, but I hope one day he will snuggle under it. This is him all tucked up in the pram, during one of our sightseeing visits to a river park.

We had a lovely time travelling to Hobart, where we went to the top of Mount Wellington, and saw some snow which was still lying in the gullies there. This was VERY exciting for a couple of West Aussies who NEVER see snow where we live in Perth.


 The view from the top was amazing.

The harbour with all the fishing boats was so pretty! I was very excited to see the Aurora Australis in dock -the ship which takes our Antarctic team down there regularly.

That is Mount Wellington in the background, with the cap of cloud.

We also had a lovely trip up the east coast of Tasmania, The Freycinet Peninsula is stunningly beautiful.

Mostly, however,what we were there for was to have fun times with family.

Now we are back, and picking up the routines and habits of our life.
It is all good!