Sunday, October 24, 2021

Kambarang 2021


The Noongar season of Kambarang is a time of lengthening periods of sunny weather, with rainy days. The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer, and there are birds nesting all over. We have a LOT of rain, and also some very sunny and warm days. I installed some 50% shade over a couple of beds after we had a 29C day predicted. The shade structures then had to survive a couple of very windy, rainy days, which is pretty much how Kambarang goes. 

This very dark pelargonium is looking splendid in the front garden.

And my new verge garden has flowers!

My gardening has been more constant, as I can get out for a couple of hours on most days of the week. I have been planting seeds and taking cuttings. At the moment we are enjoying rainbow chard and parsley. It was not a great season for the asparagus, but the blueberries are looking good. 

We have accepted a quote for a company to make us a new back garden fence -finally replacing the abestos and corrugated panel board fence that needed replacing decades ago -and which, through all the storms since, has tenatiously hung on. There is a bit of a supply problem with some of the materials, but I hope it will be installed fairly soon.

We had three great musical events recently. Our choir performed a concert, and it was very good. We attended a WA Symphony Orchestra concert -all featuring baroque music- which was absolutely fabulous. Then we listened to the WASO Chorus perform a Dvorak mass, in the beautiful St Mary's Cathedral, where the sound just echoes around and around. 

I have been enjoying cooking recently, visiting old and new recipes. My collection of Nigella Lawson cookbooks is always popular -the storecupboard Chocolate cake is a reliable standby.

I am avoiding baker's yeast in my cooking, because I find it upsets me. It was good therefore to have a go at a sourdough pizza crust, which was well received. 

My first apple scrap vinegar got nice and bubbly! 

I have completed my "Reef Dreaming" wall quilt and hung it up. It was constructed of batik fabric which was given to me, and reminds me of the colours and shapes in the reef at Mullaloo.

I had to attend Jury Duty some weeks ago, and afterwards I received some money as a 'sitting fee"- I decided to turn the money into beautiful things like this lovely cornucopia vase, and also I bought some new Accuquilt dies for my quilting.

These are lovely things!

Multicultural fashion in Perth