Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting to know Nellie

 This is Nellie, my Singer treadle sewing machine, which was made in 1916. She is in very good condition as far as her decals go -the only wear in the space where someone's hand would have supported the machine as she was lowered inside the cabinet.

Her decals are lovely art deco style pieces.

I have had her for 8 years, but just this week I finally got the machine repair man in to see if he could fix her up and make her go. All she needed was some oil and a new belt.

Even her bobbin winder works! She has a top-drop bobbin case - I bought some bobbins to fit.

My DD and I are in love -she is so nice!

I have been working at some chain piecing to get my hands and feet used to being coordinated together when I sew. It is great fun. I love the fact that Nellie and I work without electricity.

I wonder who owned her before I did? What did she make for her first owner in 1916?

Oh, and why is she called Nellie? After Dame Nellie Melba, another hard working Singer!