Saturday, January 3, 2009

Epiphany at New Norcia

We travelled about 100 km north of us, to join the Benedictine community at New Norcia for their ecumenical Epiphany carol service. As we are 'friends of New Norcia' this is one of those regular events which attracts us back to this very special place.

The music for the service was provided by the Georgian singers, and their voices were beautifully blended. We had nativity readings, poems, new and old carols, and of course three children dressed as Wise Men.

This Benedictine community has a long tradition of hospitality and encouraging the kind of spirituality which Benedict encouraged - a simple and balanced life: some time for work, some time for prayer, some time for rest. I hope to come back this year to one of the retreats. I want to continue to work on finding that balance between work and spirituality and rest this year.

Another nice thing about the trip to New Norcia is getting out of the city to see the country . The Western Australian bush looks dry at this time of the year, but it knows how to survive the heat, and will be ready when the rains come again.

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