Friday, July 31, 2009

I am so stingy that....(part one)

* Today I turned a tiny few stems of rhubarb (the crowns are young yet) and one slightly munted pear into a fruit crumble. The topping is some biscuits which turned out a bit more like cake than biscuits, so I whizzed them in the blender and bunged them on the crumble. It was really yummy!

Other stingy practices:

*I plant the cloves of garlic that are shooting, so that I can have more garlic. I snip the green tips for garnishes and flavour in scrambled eggs

*I use the tops of the celery for salad leaves. (One of our friends was very excited to discover that you can eat the celery leaves-they were so distressed at throwing away huge piles of them that they stopped buying celery bunches!) They are great in casseroles and soups too -slightly peppery.

*when I harvest the first broccoli flower, I leave the plant there so I can also harvest the second, smaller flowers too

*I saved some bananas in the freezer and made banana bread (Ok I will own up -the reason I had too many bananas in the first place is because when I ordered online I thought I would get 6 bananas, and what I got was 6 BAGS of bananas!). I made the bread even though I don't really like cooked bananas, just because I hate to see good food wasted. As it happens, the orange peel in the recipe I used made it quite palatable.

* I regularly make 'leftover soup" -that is I cut up all the older veggies from the bottom of the crisper drawer to make soup for our lunches during the week. That saves waste and we don't have to buy lunches from the nearby shops which saves cash too!

I plan to make this an occasional series and welcome any comments from other stingy people too!


Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

well a rhubarb crumble sounds lovely!!

earthmotherwithin said...

It was too!

Penny said...

Dear Eira, John just sent me a link to your blog and you are a woman after my own heart! I LOVE cooking and baking and make everything from scratch (I made spelt bread today). I'm dabbling in growing veggies too and have grown mushrooms :) DS is a chef which is not suprising!

You can probably link back to my blog and see some of the paper crafts I do. I'm not blogging right now but it should all be there to see if you'd like to.

So glad we are in touch now :)

Love Penny x